A surprisingly spacious family suite in a B&B within a short driving distance from the best beaches in South Devon


Name: West Waterhead
Type: Bed and Breakfast
Country: United Kingdom
Town: Kingsbridge, Devon
Cost per night: £140 including breakfast for a family of 4 in their family suite
Facilities: use of shared garden
Tripadvisor rating: 5

Welcome to my first blog post about a fabulous B&B, West Waterhead, in South Devon near Kingsbridge, that we were lucky enough to find back in Easter last year. Picture below courtesy of West Waterhead’s website:

west waterhead

Why holiday in the UK? As for holidaying in the UK, Staycation is the new buzz word with 4/5 Britons opting for Staycations in 2017 according to Airbnb. With rising prices for European package holidays, unfavourable exchange rates and the holiday gems that exist in the UK, I’m not surprised. Don’t get me wrong, we love going abroad too, and the English weather can not always behave as we want it to. But sometimes, not having to pack the three kids into an airplane and deal with the walking up and down the aisles, has it’s advantages. For one, it tends to cost less (way less nowadays). And two, it can allow for quite a lot more spontaneity and adventure when you have a car at your disposal and young kids in tow.

South Devon (including bustling towns like Kingsbridge, Dartmouth and Salcombe) very quickly became one of our favourite family holidays. The area is spoilt for choice between the fantastic beaches, Hope Cove below, cultural towns (more pics to follow) and fantastic eateries (more on this later):


Last Easter, we had the pleasure of staying at this B&B near Kingsbridge – West Waterhead. Click here for the B&B’s website. This B&B comes complete with family suite that comfortably fit all 5 of us.

The B&B is run by a delightful couple, Kimberley and Mike. Kim is a wealth of knowledge on the local area and Mike cooks up a fantastic breakfast (more of which later). The family suite is on split levels with a downstairs bedroom and shower ensuite, then a mezzanine floor above with two single beds (and a cot which can be provided). There is also a sofa upstairs, which would have easily accommodated another child. In the family suite, the owners had left enough books to keep you going for a whole year, and plenty of toys for the kids to play with as well as DVDs for the TV upstairs.

Pictures below courtesy of their website. This is the downstairs bedroom with views out onto the garden:

west waterehead 2

And these are the two single beds upstairs in the mezzanine level (with a sofa area around the corner):

west waterhead 3

In addition to the suite, there is plenty of space on the drive to park and use of the beautiful garden complete with babbling brook, when we wanted to relax outside. There is a plentiful breakfast each morning (definitely a decent advantage to going self catering), including cereals, fruit, yoghurt, toast and a cooked breakfast. Kim provides a booster chair for any children that need it.

The family suite (at the time of writing this and slightly different to the website) during peak season (April to September) is £90 for a couple per night and £25 for each additional child over 2 years old. This includes breakfast. See Blog Reader’s Special Offer at the end of this blog post..

During the day, we had the chance to do the many things we love to do in that part of Devon;

1. Day trips to towns such as Dartmouth and Salcombe with their breathtaking views and historical buildings. Below are pictures of Dartmouth and Dartmouth Castle, which was a particular hit with our kids (I’m sure the ice-cream stand as you go into the ticket booth had something to do with it, as well as the memorable views onto the River Dart):



2. World-class beaches like Blackpool sands (complete with a beachside cafe – The Venus Cafe – selling hot food, cakes, ice-cream and maybe more importantly wine):



3. Always one of the highlights for our kids, the unmissable Woodlands Theme Park (https://www.woodlandspark.com), which has everything from indoor softplay, to dinosaur parks, to waterslides, thriller rides and more:


4. And a lot of delicious food, some of our favourites including The Winking Prawn in North Sands, Salcombe (http://winkingprawngroup.co.uk/winking-prawn), literally opposite this:


Rockfish in Dartmouth (https://www.therockfish.co.uk/restaurants/dartmouth/) – great for fish lovers and those with gluten intolerances as my husband can vouch for:


And the Valley View Cafe near Loddiswell (https://www.aunevalleymeat.co.uk/valley-view-cafe/) which has the most amazing terrace and mouthwateringly good food:


So that concludes my first blog post. A great family friendly B&B (West Waterhead) and endless family fun in South Devon.

Stay tuned for more tried and tested places to stay that suit kids and adults alike, and that don’t break the bank.

Blog Reader’s Special Offer: If you call up and quote Where To Stay With Kids, you will receive a discounted booking rate. Enjoy!




2 thoughts on “A surprisingly spacious family suite in a B&B within a short driving distance from the best beaches in South Devon”

  1. Wow, this place sounds amazing. We stayed near here this year and loved it. I might see if we can book.

    Fabulous blog! Look forward to more recommendations, x


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