Guest Blog: The family-friendly hotel everyone always raves about in Halkidiki, Greece..

Name: Sani Beach Resort
Hotel (5*)
Country: Greece
Town: Halkidiki
Cost per night: £1589.55 for a two bedroom family suite in the summer holidays (half board). Minimum stay 5 nights.
Facilities: Pool, Spa, Gym, Kids Club
Tripadvisor rating: 5

This recommendation comes from a mum of two children under 5, featuring a hotel I’ve heard many great things about from several friends who’ve holidayed there with kids – Sani Beach Resort, in Halkidiki, Greece.

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“We have stayed at the Sani Beach hotel twice and are planning on booking again this year. I honestly cannot fault this place. It is an excellent resort for families and the staff go out their way to make your holiday as easy as possible with kids in tow. The pick-up to the hotel and back to the airport were by a chauffeured car/van with the appropriate car seats. On arrival, they provided a bed guard for my daughter who was 3 and a travel cot for our baby son. There was a sterilizer in the room and one of the staff showed us how to use it when we arrived. There are kids’ groups in the mornings or the afternoons, run by British trained staff. If the child is 3 or under you do have to pay for this but it is free if they are 4 or older. They really do organise fun activities for the children and my daughter loved it. It also gave us as adults a few hours to do things we wanted to do. There is also a fabulous kids park, bike hire and the beaches have areas designated for the children. So, if you fancy 30 mins of kid’s free time you can drop them off with trained staff where they can play with the buckets and spades etc.   The pools are heated but I think they are only heated until 1st June. The kids pool is not too deep and perfect for young children.

The food is amazing. There are 23 restaurants and 15 bars to choose from. You can book the restaurants in advance to ensure that you get a table at the time you want and you are allowed so much towards each person’s meals on half board. We loved the fact you could book at table as early as 5pm which was perfect for us with young children. All the restaurants were happy to make fresh pureed baby food. They would bring me a list of ingredients and I was able to choose what I would like pureed. They also have children friendly menus. Most if not all provided crayons and colouring in sheets. It was clear that they welcomed the children and did all they could to accommodate them. The restaurants are spread out over the site and the marina. The hotel has golf buggies so if your child does not want to walk you can get a golf buggy back to your room. On certain evenings, there is a mini disco and a glass of bubbly for the parents. There are even Garden theatre shows in the evening. The complex is away from any inhabited areas and motorways/roads so you don’t have to worry about non-hotel residents or traffic. The hotel complex has a small shop that sells souvenirs, inflatables, post cards and childrens’ toys and ice-creams and in the marina area is a small supermarket so if you want snacks for the kids or soft drinks you don’t have to pay the higher prices in the hotel. The site was quiet with no loud discos, hen dos or such like. The gardens are beautifully manicured so it is very much an idyllic and family friendly environment. The beaches are breath taking and again the staff are welcoming of children with buckets and spades.”

There are several packages available including flights to this hotel through providers such as British Airways. It certainly is not a cheap option, but if you are looking for luxury and relaxation for all the family, this sounds like a great place to stay.

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