Guest Blog: Princesa Yaiza, Lanzarote

Name: Princesa Yaiza
Type: Hotel (5*)
Country: Lanzarote
Cost per night: Around £227 for a family suite, breakfast only (£382 for a family suite, breakfast & dinner included)
Facilities: Pools, Spa, Kids Club
Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

This recommendation comes from David, father of 3 children (4, 2, and 6 months old). Having stayed there with his family, David says he recommends Princesa Yaiza to most people he speaks to.

Click here for the hotel’s website

Princesa Yaiza is a 5* hotel, located on the south side of Lanzarote, right on the beach front. When it comes to catering for families, this hotel stands out from the crowd. As David says, Princesa Yaiza ‘works because everything there is set up to help people with families’.  They cater really well for larger families especially, with spacious family suites including a separate living room, a balcony, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and even a little kitchenette. Beyond the more standard suite layouts, they also have the Royal Kiko Suites, which should leave your kids desperately waiting for the time they can jump into these fantastically fun bedrooms and sleep the night away. That’s whilst the parents can enjoy the babysitting options on offer or relax on the balcony sipping a G&T (replace with whatever your favourite drink is…!)

Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5 Luxury - Royal Kiko Suite Children Bedroom.jpg

During the day, for the children there is Kikoland. ‘Kikoland, is essentially a daycare’ says David, and I can see why he says that. With 10,000 sq. m. of children’s and sports facilities, it caters for children aged 0-16. Children aged 3 and above can be left with the hotel entertainer in charge, at no extra cost. Children under 3 still have the use of Cooky House, which is a playground and pool area but parents do need to stay to supervise.

Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5 Luxury - z Kikoland (3).jpg

For active adults, there are sporting and leisure activities available onsite during the day, as well as a golf course nearby. Or for those that want more of a leisurely time, there are the 6 swimming pools and the Thalasso & Spa Centre, which let me be honest, I’d be spending most of my time in!

Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort 5 Luxury - General View.jpg

With 8 onsite restaurants, adult evening entertainment, and a evening mini disco for the kids, sounds like there is plenty to keep the family entertained throughout the day and night.

As David does point out however, ‘the biggest problem with places like these is there are a LOT of other kids that are not yours, so you have to live with that a little bit.  As parents you are kind of used to it though.’

If a luxury, large but family-focused hotel is what you are looking for, then Princesa Yaiza could be one to add to the bucket list. Thank you David for this recommendation and to Princesa Yaiza for supplying the photos!




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