Article: Top 10 things to look forward to in January

Let’s not mince our words here, January can seem a bit bleak with the glitz of Christmas now a dim and distant memory. But don’t despair! We have compiled a list of everything there is to look forward to in January – things are looking up…

1. Breathe again

And breathe… the Christmas cards have been posted, the presents have been bought. You don’t need to scramble together any more nativity costumes or have 15 over for Christmas dinner – until next year at least! Let’s take a deep breath as normality resumes, get the kids back to school and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.


2. Taking down the Christmas decorations

I don’t know about you, but by Boxing Day I am ready to pack up all the Christmas decorations and shove them back in the loft… But maybe that’s because I put mine up on 1stDecember! Getting the space back in my home seems to make it look more spacious and organised – something I will relish doing this week.


3. Catching up with friends

How nice to meet good friends for a coffee or quiet drink and have a proper catch up without the Christmas hype, tinselled-up restaurants or turkey-laden festive menus. And, instead of the unavoidable Christmas chat, you can look forward to the year ahead – including holidays! Where will you each go for some sun in 2019?


4. Eating properly again

No more stuffing my face with Quality Street or shoving mince pies down my neck on a daily basis, but looking forward to eating some nice healthy food. The kids have finished their advent calendars and eaten all the chocolates on the Christmas tree. That post-Christmas dinner overfull feeling will soon be a distant memory.


5. Booking a summer holiday

What better time to book a summer holiday than in cold, wintery January. I love to look forward to feeling the sun on my skin and dipping in the warm ocean. No need to bundle the kids up in hats, scarfs and coats each morning but just throw on a cossie instead – bliss. Now, where to find that ideal next holiday destination…?


6. Skiing

Dig out the ski goggles and fingers crossed the kids haven’t grown too much so they can still fit into last year’s ski gear and get ski fit ready for a trip to the mountains for some brilliant family fun. Now do I want the hectic fun of Europe with amazing mountain restaurants or the calmer beautiful north America with the not so fun jetleg??


7. Declutter

January is the perfect time to have a good clear out and get rid of all that clutter that has somehow materialised over the last few months of 2018. I find that a neater house somehow reflects on our life – a brief hiatus in the madness of family life!


8. Great TV

January always seems to come up trumps on the television front, when the TV producers know that we want nothing more than to snuggle up and get stuck into a good series in the post-Christmas lull. Maybe just one more Quality Street then…


9: Snow!

January is the month we are most likely to see snow, which means getting in the garden with the kids to build snowmen and referee snowball fights. Let’s wrap up warm to enjoy some fresh air and fun with our little ones – the perfect prelude to a hot chocolate when it’s time to come back inside and thaw out.


10. January Sales

Now the pressure of Christmas is gone, we can enjoy looking in the sales for some really great bargains. What better feeling than getting that pair of jeans you had your eye on for half price!


Happy New Year everyone from WTSWK xx



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