Guest Blog: Brovad Sands Lodge, Bugala Island, Uganda

Name: Brovad Sands Lodge
Type: Fully-catered cottages
Country: Uganda
Cost per night: Approx £230/night for the three-bedroom cottage including all food for a party of 4 adults and 4 children
Facilities: Pool, Beach, Spa, Restaurant
Activities nearby: Quad biking, hiking, boat rides, guided forest walks, cycling, beach volleyball, football, fishing.
TripAdvisor rating:

Today’s guest blog comes from the fabulous Amy, mum of a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy, and features Brovad Sands Lodge, a gem of a hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda.

Located in the middle of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, the island of Bugala is accessible via private ferries (mainly passenger only) from Entebbe (the location of Uganda’s international airport, 45km south of Kampala, the capital city) or via the government vehicle ferry via Masaka, 130km west of Kampala. Brovad Sands Lodge is a series of private cottages set in idyllic green and luscious grounds on the shore of the lake.


We travelled to Brovad Sands with one other family, our party totalling four adults and four children all under the age of six. We shared a three-bedroom cottage, each with an en-suite, but a shared sitting room and veranda. The children shared the central bedroom with twin double beds (which we pushed together to form one giant bed!) and the two couples had privacy at either end of the cottage. The shared areas were ideal for playing games and enjoying the scenery as both had views of the lake.


The lodge is fully catered with buffets in the restaurant for breakfast and dinner and a la carte menu at lunch time. The buffet options were suitable for the children and changed each day. The staff can bring your food to the cottage, the swimming pool or even to a table on the beach if you prefer. When eating from the restaurant the staff were very friendly and helped supervise the children. Being Uganda, you do come across creepy crawlies in the bathrooms, but the staff are very careful to spray the cottages so that mosquitos do not enter. The other guests were kind to our children and they were made to feel very welcome. A large group of young adults arrived on the Friday evening for the weekend so do try to book mid-week if you don’t want to experience the beach party vibe!


The swimming pool is ideally sized for children, with a paddling and shallow area, gradually getting deeper for adult swimming and diving. It was largely unused by the Ugandans, so we had the pool to ourselves for most of the stay, particularly during the week. There are two wooden swings and a volley ball net on the beach. The lodge offer a range of activities including a guided forest walk, fishing, boat trips, canoeing, an island drive (either in a car or on motorbikes!), cycle hire and quad biking. We were happy through to relax by the pool most of the time and enjoy watching the monkeys play!

Pool 2

On the VM Vanessa.jpeg

The children really enjoyed the small zoo only a five-minute drive from the lodge where we found a zebra and antelopes as well as smaller domestic animals. The zoo keeper gave us a guided tour, explaining which nature reserve each of the animals came from and encouraged the children to feed some of the animals with appropriate fruits and vegetables.

At the zoo.jpeg

I certainly look forward to returning to Brovad Sands in the future to relive the stunning sun rises and surroundings. Transport to and from the island is currently fairly time consuming (fortunately I had packed games and colouring for the children for the four hour Entebbe crossing!), but new privately-run high-speed passenger boats, such as M.V. Vanessa, are being introduced and will make visiting Brovad Sands much more convenient.”

Thank you Amy for telling us about this special place. It looks like a truly authentic getaway in a beautiful part of the world xx



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