Customer service like no other at a quaint inn in Vermont, US..

Name: The Reluctant Panther Inn
Type: Hotel (4*)
Country: United States
Town: Manchester, Vermont
Cost per night: £249 for a Deluxe Suite
Facilities: Award winning restaurant
Tripadvisor rating: 4.5

Every now and then you happen upon a real gem of a hotel, in a place you hadn’t explored before and the stars align for an unforgettable holiday. The place for today’s blog post is The Reluctant Panther Inn in Manchester, Vermont. Picture below courtesy of their website.


We had the pleasure of staying here in the summer over a family wedding and will never forget the attention to detail from the staff from arrival to departure and the breathtaking gardens that form part of the inn:



Their accommodation is extremely flexible for a young family, with the hotel happy to put in extra beds for children and tailor the accommodation to suit your needs. We stayed in the Deluxe Suite which they added additional beds for our children with no fuss at all. We travelled with one of our children so the Deluxe Suite suited us perfectly. Two children may be most comfortable for these Deluxe Suites but the management are happy to accommodate others if this works for you. Just get in touch with them directly to discuss your personal needs and I have no doubt they will make it work (Heather at reception was an absolute delight). The Deluxe Suite has a living room and separate bedroom as well as private outdoor deck. For a mid-week stay it comes in at $249/night and at weekends it goes up to $349/night. Photo below courtesy of their website:


If the Deluxe Suite is too small for your family, you also have the option of a Junior Suite, with their garden suite a particular hit for larger families. This suite has twin sized daybeds in the living room as well as a separate couch and a separate bedroom. Again, the management are happy to add additional beds should this be needed. This suite comes in at $349 for a mid week stay and $449 for a weekend stay. All prices for rooms include a sumptuous breakfast (their poached eggs are probably the best I’ve tasted). Pictures below are of the Garden Suite. Many thanks to The Reluctant Panther who sent them over especially for this blog post:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Inn is part of the Small Luxury Hotels group and I’m not the least bit surprised. Their commitment to customer service is second to none as they endeavour to make each stay work for you and your family, which makes them stand out from the many beautiful places to stay in Vermont.

As for Vermont itself, we visited in the summer, and if you like the outdoors, and your kids enjoy what nature has to offer, then you can’t pick a much better location for an unforgettable family holiday:


There it is, a typically Vermont Inn with a touch of class and exceptional customer service, a stones throw from a slice of heaven on earth.







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